Save money in vacations in Euro exchange rate

The Euro currency is strongly building market against the dollar and its getting costlier over all other currencies. A small trip to France and other European countries with the Euro currency is getting too expensive. There are lots of ways by which you can minimize the costs in Euro exchange rate. You can save money on Euro currency by deciding where to go, when to go, where to stay, where to eat and what to do. Here are the tips on how you can save money with a Euro currency.
Places to visit and save money with Euro exchange rate:
Many people think about having their vacations in Paris. Its one of the most expensive cities in the world. If you feel that you should visit this city for once, you can stay there overnight, spend a day enjoying the sites and move on to another city that can be economical. Other expensive cities include Cannes and Nice
There are other wonderful destinations and regions to see in France. These include Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Avignon, Montpellier, and Toulouse.
Best time to plan vacations and save in Euro exchange rate:
If you are planning to have a vacation in Paris in spring or summer, be aware that it’s going to be the most expensive season during that time. If you really feel you want to enjoy this place in spring time, then you should go in late March and go to the south of France where it’s warmer.
Going to these places during fall and winter will not only save Euros but you will also avoid crowds, have a more authentic experience with fewer tourists and more locals and you will enjoy many places in France during the off season.
Where to stay to save Euros?
If you want to save on the nasty euro exchange rates, you must decide where to stay. You may use an alternative accommodation to hotels and you will have a unique experience. You will get to know more people and get much more hands on care from the proprietors.
There are plenty of fine budget choices for places to stay like government accommodation to foodie-favorite Logis de France inns.
Save Euros in fooding
Many people visit France to enjoy the food. Use a little creativity and you will find fabulous food items for a fraction of the euros.
You can go to the local market and have your food. You will get wonderful picnic of tomatoes, local farm goat cheese and a baguette to tuck it all into. You can always buy wine from the local grocer for under 5 euros.
You can save some euro in the accommodation breakfasts when you stay. Be sure to cancel the complimentary breakfast when you book your accommodation. You can get an incredible breakfast in the local bakery at a very affordable price.